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About The Artist

She grew up on a small island in Norway; today she finds her inspiration along the pristine coast outside of Gudhjem – on the picturesque Danish island of Bornholm.

 Goldsmith and jewelry designer, Frøydis Adele Knapstad (b. 1971), comes from a family of goldsmiths. Consequently, she developed a unique style of expression early on, based on a refined sense of materials and design. 

 Over the years, her work has been represented by a number of galleries and goldsmiths throughout Europe.

 Following her final examination in 1994 and completion of jewelry design studies at “Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design” in London in 1995, she moved to Copenhagen in 1996 and established a shop on Store Kongensgade, which was later located on Kompagnistræde from 2006.

 After 17 years in Copenhagen, Knapstad moved the studio to Gudhjem in 2013.

 A bicycle trip to Bornholm in 2002 had changed the course of her life.

 The jewelry designer was captivated by the former fishing village on the Bornholm east coast, which during the 1930s had attracted a number of Danish artists due to the surrounding nature, the special light and the lofty horizon above; a city that idyllically slopes down toward the sea.

 Just as for the many artists who have historically spent time at Gudhjem, it was here that nature as a source of inspiration, expertise and specialization melded together for Frøydis Adele Knapstad and her unique artistry.

Our Story

In the historic artist’s hamlet of Gudhjem on Bornholm’s east coast, you find the goldsmith and jewelry designer, Frøydis Adele Knapstad.

Here betwen the skies and the sea, the artist finds her inspiration and the peace to work.

In this beautiful shop with its functioning workshop in Gudhjem’s pleasant streets, you can experience how the artist interweaves the poetry and wisdom of nature into soulful modern artwork.

 With a delicate sense for craftsmanship, the materials and inspiration are merged into a poetic expressions based on nature’s own materials as well as their origin and universal qualities. 

This distinctive form of expression inspires the beholder to experience a broad spectrum of correlations between life, nature, creative abilities, dreams, myths and spirituality.

All of Knapstad’s jewelry are handmade and based on traditional craftsmanship involving gold and silver as well as pearls and gems such as tourmaline, ruby and diamonds. 

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