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Webshop is closed from 25 / 10 - 2 / 11. Ordres are handled after November 3rd.


Handmade Jewelery


Waterlily collection

Embracing and blooming.

Kaprifol  Collection

Bringing Vibrance and Growth.


Dynamic Movement.

About knapstad

Knapstad jewelry is made by hand from traditional hand-crafting methods in gold and silver, with pearls and precious stones like tourmaline, rubies and diamonds. The jewelry can also be custom-made for a unique, personal design.

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Boutique Address

Guldsmed Knapstad
Brøddegade 34
3760 Gudhjem

Opening Hours

Week 42
Monday to Saturday  12 -16
Week 43 Closed until 4 of November


Tlf  :  +45 2711 9223